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Kansas City Tourism - Visit™ - Midwest/MO Things To Do, Hotels & Restaurants - Wholesale Ncaa jerseys

Labor Day Events in KC

Make Kansas City your official Labor Day destination

Check it Out

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Or Call 1-800-313-7952

What's Happening This Weekend

Discover Kansas City through distinct
neighborhoods and exciting KC Landmarks. INTERACTIVE MAP
See More Photos On Flickr

Available now: My KC

Visit KC’s new maker-focused video series

From late-night hangouts and favorite taco joints to morning routines and coffee runs, peek behind the curtain to experience a day in the life of some of the makers and doers driving Kansas City’s creative movement—and defining a lasting local culture.



There's something happening here. A new vibrancy. A revolution of creativity, music, food, art, business. And a renewed spirit in every neighborhood. It all starts here.

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